Gandhigram Rural University Exam Results 2013


The Gandhigram Rural Institute (GRI) was founded in 1956. A team of dedicated disciples and contemporaries of Gandhiji, Dr.T.S.Soundaram and Dr. G.Ramachandran, developed Gandhigram, the home of many rural development programmes. It has developed academic programmes in Rural Development, Rural Economics and Extension Education, Rural Oriented Sciences, Cooperation, Development Administration, Rural Sociology, English and Communicative Studies, and, Tamil and Indian Languages. It has a campus of nearly 200 acres in a rural setting; nestling in one of the enclaves of the beautiful Sirumalai range. The University is fully equipped with all the advanced technologies so that students as well as faculties can perform their best in education.

Short description about Gandhigram Rural University Examination Results 2013:

This university has conducted several numbers of exams in the year 2013. There are huge numbers of students who turn up for the exams and now they are eagerly waiting for their results. IndiaResults is the prominent online result publishing unit in India and also an official result publishing unit of GRI.

IndiaResults also make easy for the students to validate their results in name-wise format and if in case any candidate forget to remember the roll number or want to check the result of his buddy then he can without any problem check the result by just entering the name.

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