The Boy Didn’t Scored Well in Exam, Still got a Surprising Response from his Father!!


As per the recent Studies: “In India, More than 70% students are not aware of how they can deal with the exam stress. In 2006 alone, more than 6000 students committed suicide due to Exam stress.
These are the some stats that show how critical exam time is for students.

Since, it’s Exam time for all students appearing for Secondary, Higher Secondary or Competitive Exams all over India. Now the season for “exam time”- A most important and very sensitive time period for students when they are about to give their final performance of all the hard work they did so far. This is followed by the judgment day (Exam result time) for the students when their Exam results will be declared. That state of time is overwhelming in terms of curiosity, anxiety & Stress. So the Tension level is at peak for students and their parents as well.

Here we present a video that shows how parents can help their Teens from coming out of the Exam result stress. Watch this video & stay MOTIVATED!

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